24 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

We lost an hour last night and I slept until almost 800. Dan was up and out early as usual. I skipped breakfast and went to the library to do my Sudoku and read until time for class. People who have never cruised often ask how we can keep from being bored during the long sea days. Each evening we get a Princess Patter, a four page slick paper brochure listing all of the events and their times for the next day, from the first ones at 600 in the morning until ones starting at midnight. To give you an idea, here are some listed for today: stretch aerobics, mahjong, ping pong, bridge class, bridge game, Latin dance class, culinary demonstration by the Head Chef, bingo, morning and afternoon trivia contests, arts and crafts class, shuffleboard competition, cultural lecture on the life of Mohammed, Pictionary, goofy golf, special matinee performance by visiting concert pianist, afternoon tea, ballroom dance lesson, AA meeting, and an afternoon movie, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. At any time you can avail yourself of the library, pool, hot tubs, several bars, internet room, game room, workout room, jogging track, Lotus Spa (where services cost extra), the buffet restaurant, or about 20 TV channels on the TV in your room (where you can also get room service 24/7). The TV has several news channels, plus a variety of movies, comedy shows, educational shows, and so forth. There is also a promenade area with shops selling convenience items, jewelry, gifts, souvenirs, clothes, and so forth. There is also a photo shop and a casino that operates when at sea. All of this is on a small ship of only 680 passengers. The larger ships have multiple pools, more of all of the things that we have, and some even have a climbing wall, or a wave pool if you want such things. Anyway, we are certainly never bored. Today was a club championship game in bridge, which means more points if you place. We were lucky and came in second N/S. We felt pretty good about that. We had just a minimal snack after bridge since we decided to dress formal to go to the dining room at 600 since lobster tails were on the menu. We each had two of them! For dessert we had sugar-free key lime pie. We stopped by the photo shop on the way back from dinner and ordered the video of this third portion of our cruise. We also purchased four of the portraits taken by the ship’s photographer. Another hour lost to time change tonight. Good they do most of them on sea days.


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