25 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another sea day – we lost another hour last night, but think we get it back between the Canary Islands and Morocco. Dan was up very early, but I slept until after 730. I just got dressed, filled my mug with coffee, and went to the library to do the daily Sudoku puzzle before bridge class. I had two happy discoveries this morning: first, they had a Sudoku book in the gift shop that I had overlooked before – so I got it. I may have done all of these before, but don’t imagine anyone but an idiot savant to remember the number sequences – you know, like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman – am I showing my age? I also discovered that the casino not only had nickel machines but penny machines as well. Don’t know why I hadn’t spotted that before. So on our next sea day, I may take a couple of dollars and play for a long time. The casino is only open when we are at sea, the same as the boutiques on board. Anyway, we had a good bridge lesson, then I went and grabbed a little late breakfast, then came back to the cabin to read and relax. Too cold to think of going to the pool. Dan gathered up a load of laundry and threw that in and when it was done we went and got some lunch before bridge game. While we were waiting for the laundry, we watched our port expert talk about Casablanca, Morocco and the tours available to us when we are there. We are glad we decided not to try to do the tour to Marrakesh – it is 3 ½ hours on a bus, each way. Yuk! We will be happy with the morning in Casablanca. We did not do well in bridge today. We had a couple of high boards, but many more low ones and ended up on the bottom. Oh well – we are having fun, for the most art, and trying to ignore a couple of real jerks that drive all the rest of us batty. We had a very light snack after bridge, then came back to the cabin to watch a presentation ot TV about the Spanish Armada, very interesting. We went to the Bistro for dinner a little before 700. We didn’t have to wait too long for a table – were back in the cabin by a little after 800. We have an all day tour in Tenerife tomorrow – we have to get up a little after 600. I always order room service breakfast on port days – will be here at 630. Time for bed.


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