27 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

We both slept late today – Dan left the cabin at 715 and I got up around 8 – went to get coffee – then to the library to do my daily puzzle before bridge class. I can’t believe we only have two more days at sea and four tours – less than a week to Dover! Class was good, as usual. After class we accepted an invitation of two of our bridge mates from Canada to join them in the dining room for the special Sunday Brunch. I had not intended to go to it – in fact, I did not go the last one a couple weeks ago – but decided it was the last one and these people are really neat – so ran to the cabin to change and then met them in the dining room. It was a spectacular array of food and ice sculptures, as usual. Had a ham and cheese omelet, fresh fruit, almond crescent rolls and a couple of gigantic strawberries dipped in chocolate. That was much less than a tenth of the things they had out to choose from. We sat and visited for a while and then went back to the cabin to relax until time for bridge. We decided to play E/W today and felt pretty good about the game – even got two top boards against a couple of “know it all” players. But I was surprised when Dan went and got the scores later to find out we had tied for first. Only two more bridge games to go – would be nice to go out on a high note. Anyway, after bridge we stopped for a little snack and then went to the internet room to try to print out our boarding passes and luggage tags for the next cruise. But the system was real slow, so Dan said he would try again later. Back in the cabin and watching (in some cases re-watching) the presentation on our next 3 ports – Casablanca, Cadiz, and Lisbon. By 730 it was obvious we didn’t want to go and wait for a table at the Bistro, so I called room service and ordered burgers and fries, green salad, and caramel flan. I put out my breakfast order to be delivered by 630. We are supposed to be in Casablanca around 600. Have been doing puzzles and reading a great book by Tom Parker Bowles – Camilla’s son. Will go to bed soon and get rested up for the next 3 days in ports.


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