31 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Second to last sea day. The first thing we had to do was go right after breakfast to pick up our passports and present ourselves to the UK customs officials who were onboard the ship. Hopefully that will mean less hassle when we get to Dover. We got to bridge class just as it was starting – good as usual. After class, Dan went to check a couple things at the Purser’s Office and to pick up a box in case we needed it for packing all our stuff. I came back to the cabin to start the sorting out. We had an early lunch, then I went off to the casino since I hadn’t yet tried it out. I played the nickel machine for over an hour and came away with $6.00 more than I started with – not bad – and it was fun. Then I went to the library and did the Sudoku puzzle until time for bridge. Dan has been emailing back and forth with our tour guide, Glen, in London. He asked him if it was OK to wear shorts in the places we’re going. Glen said that although it might be chilly, it was fine at all the places – and as a matter of fact he had heard the Queen was going to be wearing them on her royal barge during the river flotilla part of the Jubilee on Sunday. We laughed at the picture that brought to mind of the Queen in pastel Bermuda shorts with, of course, matching hat, gloves, pocketbook, and pearls. Dan also asked him about the loo situation for me as we are traveling around London and elsewhere. He replied that the first rule of being a tourist guide is that if there is a loo, you use it. I really think this guy is going to be a lot of fun. We had a good game at bridge today, came in second, just half a point out of first. Tomorrow will be our last bridge day on the cruise – a club championship – would be nice to do well as it will produce extra points. Anyway, after bridge we just came back to the cabin and watched a show about old castles and estates in England – it was very interesting. We decided to dress formal and go to the dining room for the last formal night for dinner. I wore my beautiful purple caftan from Casablanca and the shawl that Dan bought me in Lisbon. We stopped in the Bistro to say hello to some of the staff there and show them that we didn’t always wear tshirts and shorts, and then went on to dinner. Our dinner mates never showed – it is quite rough in the North Atlantic and they have seasickness problems. We did enjoy seafood salad (although I could do without the caviar on top), an entrée of two lobster tails and two tiger shrimp each, with fresh asparagus, and chocolate soufflé for dessert for me and cheesecake for Dan. Oh yes, D-Day (Diet Day) is coming soon. We lose another hour of sleep tonight. Tomorrow is bridge and packing.


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