1 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today was a packing and sorting day. Tomorrow we have a ten hour tour to the D-Day beaches of Normandy after we land in Le Havre France and the next morning we are off on the next leg of our grand adventure. The seas were very rough last night and the wind howled. As someone on the elevator said today “we’re not at the equator any more”. Dan got up very early – about 5 – but I slept in until 730. Then I got up and dragged out one of the suitcases and started stashing all the stuff we won’t, or can’t, wear or use before we get home. In there my hand carved elephant and giraffe and African drum are firmly nestled. The suitcase will go with us everywhere, but we won’t have to bother even opening it until we get home. We went to our last bridge lesson, then went to get a little late breakfast. Back in our cabin, disembarkation luggage tags in hand, we got down to the serious business of packing. We thought we might have to ship another box home from London, but we were able to get everything in the bags we have – but we may still do something, but for now we are in good shape. About 100 we went back and grabbed a bite before our 200 final bridge game. It was a club championship and we could have gotten more points than for the other games, but alas, even though we didn’t make any big mistakes, it just didn’t gel for us today and we placed last. Oh well. We will miss some of the neat people we have met playing bridge. The foghorn has been sounding since early this morning – about every 5 minutes – the weather never cleared up and it is very foggy. We have been in the English Channel since noon. Hopefully they can find the port in the morning – and hopefully it will not be so foggy on land for our tour. After bridge we had a quick snack and back to the cabin to continue with our packing. We decided to order burgers from room service for dinner. The movie at 800 was Iron Lady. I had not seen it and Dan saw it on the plane over to Auckland and wanted to see it again. It was very good – Meryl Streep never ceases to amaze. Our room is a maze of suitcases – but we are ready.


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