4 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

What a fantastic, but long, day. We didn’t sleep very well last night and were ready to go at 700 when Glen picked us up and off we went toward Cardiff, Wales, our first stop. After a quick stop for a takeaway breakfast and coffee and other ‘loo stop’ we arrived in Cardiff earlier than the scheduled 1030. The drive was beautiful – our local Cardiff guide Robert met us at the city hall and we did a two hour walking tour of the city hall and the Castle and then a quick drive to the Llandaff Cathedral to wrap up the tour of Cardiff. The weather was very nice and sunny – nice change from yesterday. The Castle was very interesting – the rooms were unique and spectacular and Robert was an unbelievable font of knowledge about all the places we visited. I took some photos of Dan in the library of the Castle. The Cathedral was gorgeous, many unbelievable ornamental elements in a variety of styles. There is a huge statue of Christ on an arch inside the middle of the Cathedral which was fairly modern in style. We liked the design, but we both felt it seemed out of place in a Gothic cathedral. Our last stop in Cardiff was a drive along the old dock area that had been turned into trendy shops and restaurants. We didn’t get out fo the car and soon bid farewell to Robert and headed for Bath, where we has planned to have tea at the Pump House of the Roman baths. Well, it was a zoo. We thought with a bank holiday everyone would be in London celebrating – but I think at least half of them were in Bath. We managed to get into a restaurant for some late lunch. Glen used his professional guide’s Blue Badge to snag us some tickets to the baths without standing in line and we spent an hour or more touring them. I’m glad we didn’t miss it. Then we drove around the city of Bath to see the incredible architecture. On the way back to London we took a side trip by way of some small roads to an English village for a quick stop for tea. It was beautiful driving through the English countryside. We arrived back at the hotel 800. We walked a couple blocks to grab a middle eastern “sampler dinner”. Back in the room after a stop to pick up some drinks and snacks we watched the rest of the Jubilee Concert on the telly. When the fireworks show started at the end, we could hear them louder in our room than on the telly since we are only about six blocks from Buckingham Palace. Almost midnight. Time for bed. 


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