7 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Interesting day. We got up around 630 and were all checked out and had the bellman take the bags down at 820 and Charlie pulled up right then and off we went. There wasn’t much traffic as we headed out of London towards our first stop of the day – Stonehenge – well, not counting a stop on the way for coffee and a scone. It was just overcast when we started out, but the forecast was for heavy rain and high winds headed right for where we were going. Sure enough, by the time we got to Stonehenge it was raining pretty hard. It was interesting, but we spent less than an hour there, although Charlie was the consummate tour guide and would have told us much more about it if it weren’t raining so hard. We chose, however, not to linger in the rain. Next stop was Salisbury Cathedral. The whole countryside was beautiful rolling hills, lush and green – like most of England that we have seen. The rain continued coming down and the wind blew. Even with an umbrella we got pretty soaked walking from where we parked to the Cathedral. But it was worth it. What a fantastic Gothic structure, the only one built all of one style. It was very different from St. Paul’s, but very impressive in a different way. I sat and caught my breath while Dan wandered around for a half hour or so. Then he came back to get me and we continued into the Chapter House which contains on display the most readable of the 4 existing copies of the Magna Charta – pretty amazing, and still the basis of English (and American) law. We stopped in the Refectory Restaurant to have lunch and visited with some nice English folks from the Oxford area. Dan bought some things in the gift shop. Then it was back into the rain headed to Southampton, arriving at the huge Caribbean Princess about 300. A little slow, but not too bad for over 3000 passengers. Our platinum status helped speed things along. Our cabin is nice and our steward is a woman who seems much more efficient than our last one. I got busy unpacking while Dan went for a quick snack and then got two loads of laundry going. We did our mandatory safety drill at 430. So far, so good. Ship was supposed to sail at 500, but the Captain came on a little before then to say we would be delayed about an hour due to technical problems. About 600 he said it was taking a little longer and he would keep us informed. We had dinner around 700, walked around the Piazza, and looked around the ship. It is now 1100 and we have heard nothing more – we are still in port. We are going to bed, assuming we will not have an early tour in the Channel Islands in the morning.



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