8 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

I don’t think either of us slept very well last night. I kept waking up and looking out to see if we were moving. Unfortunately, when we got up at 700 we were still in Southampton and had received no word of what was happening. Dan had done some research and found out this ship has had to cancel three cruises in March due to engine failure. This was not looking good. About 800 am the Captain came on the PA and said they were working on the problem – yeah, right – they are just stalling and talking to their headquarters in Santa Clarita before they give us the bad news. We had some breakfast and explored the ship and just waited. I started to read the huge book London that Dan had bought in Salisbury Cathedral shop. We had just finished lunch, about 100, when they announced that they had identified the problem with the bilge pumping system and would have it fixed today and we would be underway by late afternoon. Yaaayyy!!! So basically we had an unexpected sea day sitting in the harbor. They said they working with the headquarters people in California to work out some sort of compensation for our trouble and we would be getting a letter later today giving us a revised itinerary. We looked at the map and the only thing that made sense to us was to not go to Liverpool. And, sure enough, when we got the letter they had cut out Liverpool. We are really bummed as we were really looking forward to a steam train ride into the Lake Country. Oh well. They are crediting our account $75 each, which is better than a kick in the head. We did actually sail away from Southampton at 430, almost exactly 24 hours late. It was beautiful sitting on our balcony and watching the Isle of Wight pass by as we went down the Solent towards the English Channel and towards Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. We are due to arrive there at 700 in the morning. We have our doubts about it. It is a tender port and the sea is pretty choppy and the wind is blowing hard. I doubt we will be able to tender in tomorrow – will just have to wait and see. We still have not been to the dining room – tonight was formal night. We just went up to the buffet about 600 and then came back to watch a couple programs on the history channel. I think we will be in bed early and hopefully sleep better tonight. We must get up at 500 to go to our tour at 645.


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