9 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

We slept very well last night and in spite of our dire predictions we were able to tender to Guernsey. It appears the weather was much better today than if we had made it here yesterday. So I guess it all worked out fine except for missing Liverpool. We woke up just before 500 and were just entering the waters around the island. Lots of rocky outcrops and small islands around – thank God for the pilot who came aboard. We were on the first tender out and then as soon as we got ashore we immediately got on the ferry for our tour destination, the Isle of Sark. It was 45 minutes on the ferry to get there. Sark is only 3 miles long and 1 ½ miles wide. There are no cars on the island, only a few tractors and horse drawn carriages. The ride on the open deck was cold, but mostly sunny and not too much wind. Later in the morning on the island and coming back in early afternoon it was sunny and quite pleasant. Just after getting off the boat we were taken by tractor pulled wagons several hundred feet in elevation to the top of the island where the town is. We split into two groups and by turns we either walked around the village (our group) for an hour, or got into 8 passenger horse drawn carriages to ride around the island to a botanical garden where we were dropped off to spend an hour exploring a very beautiful English style garden in full bloom – fantastic rose bushes and many other beautiful flowers. The horse carriages then came back to get us to take us back to the village. During the first hour we stopped at a little café where Dan had an omelet and I had some tea and a scone. Dan bought some postcards and a hat. We arrived back in Guernsey just before 100 and it was total chaos – the line for the tenders was over two blocks long – Dan said he heard a crew member on a radio say there were still 600 people waiting to get back to the ship. Half days in tender ports are always bad, but this was the worst by far. Of course the buffet lines were long when we finally made it back so we opted for a burger and a hot dog from the grill by the pool and then a dessert and a latte in the piazza and listened to the piano player for a while. We just crashed for the rest of the day with a quick trip to the buffet around 700 for a little supper. We are now watching a TV program about the history of Ireland. Tomorrow we will have an all day tour out of Cobh – Blarney Castle and woolen mills and Waterford crystal. Do not plan to climb up to kiss the stone.



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