14 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

It was wonderful to have a sea day. I didn’t like tours five days in a row. Dan got up early, but I slept until about 800. I went to the buffet a little before 900 and he was visiting with some lady from Adelaide, Australia. I had some fruit and yogurt and a couple of sausages and chatted for a while. Then I decided to go down to customer services to get a copy of our bill so far, which Dan had told me you can get from this machine that looks like an ATM, by swiping your cruise card. I did that, but it only gave me my charges. So I went back up to the buffet (on deck 15 of 18) to get Dan’s card. By that time he had 3 ladies at his table. He is always the social butterfly. Anyway, I got his card and went and got a complete report and then stayed down there – deck 5 – for a while, had a latte, and checked over the bill, which looked fine. I had been told that the “Skywalker Nightclub” up on deck 18 was a nice quiet place to read during the day – since the library on this ship is a joke. It is in the same place as the internet café and it is a zoo. So I took my book and went up there. Well, the word obviously had gotten out that it was a good place to hang out – but it was anything but quiet! There were probably 50-60 people scattered around, some (like me) ting to read, but most chatting or playing cards. I gave up after about a half hour and went back to the cabin to read. Dan came back and we spent the next 3 or so hours reading and watching an old movie – we get TCM on this ship [though not coming from USA directly, as films as original, but all commercials in Polish for Polish products and services]. We spent most of the afternoon back in the cabin following the progress of the ship on the map on the TV. We were going due east most of the day, right across the top of Scotland. We were close enough to see land the whole day. The weather is obviously pretty rough up here and the landscape was pretty bleak – although it wasn’t too bad today – high 40s all day – we could stand on our balcony and take pictures, but nobody was in the swimming pool on deck, though there were a few brave souls in the hot tubs. Around 600 I took a shower and decided to order room service, settled in bed with my book. Dan went to the buffet and worked on pictures and had a snack. We are now headed south – Inverness tomorrow.


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