16 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

We woke just before 700 and since the ship was not moving realized we were probably at Queensferry, the port for Edinburgh. We looked out and saw land nearby. This is a tender port but since our tour wasn’t until 200, we didn’t have to rush about. A few minutes later the Captain came on the PA and said they had put one tender in the water but were going to wait before they put any others in until a bit later – wind too strong (35mph) and swells too big (over the tender dock on the ship). We looked off our balcony and saw the tender bobbing away like a cork. It did not look good. About 900 the Captain came on again and said unfortunately things were getting worse and he had made the decision to skip this port. As soon as the paperwork was done with the port authorities and the pilot reboarded, we would leave and head for Le Havre. Of course everyone was very disappointed, starting with us. I had really wanted to go to Edinburgh and see the castle. But I know the Captain made the right call. We watched the local authorities and pilot come alongside. An hour or so later – about 1000 – we stood on our balcony as we cleared the Firth of Forth, with high waves and high wind, and watched while they made several attempts to offload the pilot. I would not have liked to have been on that little pilot boat. Finally they positioned our ship to block the wind to some extent, which allowed the pilot to finally transfer to the pilot boat from our ship. Then we headed south, going slowly, only about 12 knots all day toward France. We had an early lunch before the rush and Dan spent a little of our tour refund to get some more internet minutes and he worked on getting more pictures uploaded. I think he is now working on Dublin.  We still came out ahead – we have had two tours cancelled by Princess and we cancelled Paris on our own – good thing since London was even more expensive than what we had planned for. All in all it has been a fantastic trip, with only minor deviations fron the original plan – most caused by the weather. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching old movies. Our TV has a TCM channel – a feed out of Poland! The movies are in English, but the commercials are in Polish. We have had fun trying to translate the ads. It is the only channel with commercials – except for the Princess ones trying to sell more cruises. Ordered room service dinner. Sea day tomorrow – got our luggage tags today. I’m ready to get off of this ship!


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