17 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

I woke up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Dan was just coming back into the cabin, having gone out early. I commented that it was a bit early for them to be vacuuming, but he pointed out that it was 915. That shows what kind of day it was – very lazy and laid back. We went back to the buffet so I could get some breakfast and had quite a time finding some place to sit. Being a Sunday morning at sea, everyone seemed to be there at the same time. Dan went down and got some more baggage tags and found out they won’t drop us at the hotel, only at the airport. So we will have to get a taxi back to the Sheraton at Heathrow. I intended to get started on our packing today, but never got around to it. After brunch Dan decided to see if he could get some last minute loads of laundry done. To my surprise he was able to find two machines so he spent two hours doing a couple of loads of wash and reading his book. He finally had gone down and bought it at the gift shop last night since, hard to believe, he didn’t have anything to read. I had gotten an updated copy of our bill and checked to make sure everything was in order. After Dan finished the laundry, he went and got me a latte and him an Americano. He wanted to use up the rest of one of the coffee cards that we had. There are a few punches left on the other one but they are good any time, so can stick it away for some future cruise. We went down and grabbed a late lunch snack and then came back to the cabin and read for a couple of hours. About 730 we saw by the chart on the TV that we were now in the English Channel. Earlier in the day we could see great wind turbine farms in the North Sea that extended for many miles as we passed by a few miles from the coast. It is staying light until past 10 at the moment so we watched the coastline all evening. About 700 we decided to not bother going to dinner and just ordered room service again – pretty much the same as last night. Tomorrow we will be in Le Havre again. We will stay aboard and get all our stuff packed. I am really ready to get off this ship on Tuesday morning at 700. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago and then getting home to my puppies.


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