18 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Last day of our cruise. We had no tour scheduled, but did not get to sleep very late as we arrived in Le Havre before 700 and we felt the thrusters getting us into position and then around 730 the announcement that we had arrived and people could go ashore. We sat on our balcony – decidedly warmer weather – and watched over 20 buses – mostly to Paris and the D-Day beaches – load up and leave. The ship was pretty quiet most of the day. We went and had a leisurely breakfast and I sat and did a couple Sudoku from the new book Dan got me. Then I went back to the cabin to start getting organized. I watched an old Liz Taylor/Richard Burton movie on TCM – The VIPs – not their best work, but fine to keep me company while I sorted stuff out. Dan came back about noon and we got it pretty well figured out. We are going to check 3 bags – the two big ones and one small one. We will have to pay around $60 for the third one, but that’s not too bad. We will each have one carry on and one personal item. We put anything we might need for the next two days until we get to Cinda’s in my carry on. So we shouldn’t have to even open the 3 checked ones. Anyway, we both took showers and got clean clothes on and stashed everything away – leaving out clothes for morning (They have a lame Princess TV lecture on disembarkation instructions that reminds people to make sure they save out clothes to wear, since bags have to be put outside the cabin door before bedtime, and reportedly people have left the ship in a robe or pajamas and had to change to regular clothes in the terminal. We went and grabbed some lunch around 230, then Dan stayed in the buffet to finish uploading the last pictures and using the last of his prepaid internet minutes. He did get them all uploaded. The ship got pretty crazy about 7 when all the tours arrived back on board we were putting bags out. We watched the sailaway from our balcony – last one we will see for a long time. Our room steward was hanging around chatting and doing some unneeded cleaning around 5. We assume she was hoping for an extra tip, but we had already decided she wasn’t really worth an extra (beyond what is automatically put on your bill). Finally she got the hint and left so we could watch the movie. Anyway – I just grabbed a hot dog and fries from the grill by the pool for dinner. Dan went to the buffet, but just got a bratwurst and salad and brought it right back since he said it was a zoo. We are watching Letters to Juliet, which Dan had not seen. We will get to bed early – we have to get up at 500 and report for our tour at 700.


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