21 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

After months of doing all kinds of stuff every day, what a treat to have a day where I did absolutely nothing. I crashed before 900 last night, never even ate any dinner (not that I couldn’t use a few more skipped meals). We woke about 500 – our bodies still somewhat confused as to what continent we are on. About 600 we heard others moving around and went upstairs to rustle up some coffee. Cinda and the kids left about 830 to go for diving practice for Kellar and swim lessons for Cooper and I watched a little TV and Dan went back to bed for a while. After Cinda and the kids got home around 1100, Dan and Cinda, after some discussion of possible options, went and got some takeaway Mexican food for lunch. I had a chile relleno taco and it was very good. It was from a local non-chain place and I was very impressed. Anyway, after lunch it was quiet time for everyone for a while. The weather is spectacular here – low 80s, low humidity (although there was a shower mid-morning) and nice breeze. Cinda had the fans going and the windows open. Late afternoon she shoved the kids outside for a while. Kellar had a swim meet at 700 and she had to be there at 600. Henri got home in time to take her and Cooper. Dan and Cinda went over about ½ hour later. I begged off and stayed here with the dog, Maddie. By tomorrow I may be rested enough to resume normality – so to speak. Kellar swam in two races and did very well. Cinda recorded one on her phone, so I got to see it. By the time everyone got home it was nearly 900, so dinner was made up of stuff available in the kitchen. I heated up a can of soup and Dan had that with some chips. I had some cinnamon bread that Cinda brought back from her early morning meeting, and a couple of hot dogs and some watermelon. I was watching the end of an episode of Chopped when they all got home. Turns out Kellar really likes to watch it too. Anyway, after we ate we went around the table and everyone told the favorite part of their day – a nice tradition that they do every night. By the end of this Cooper was literally asleep on the table, so Cinda carried him off to bed. I came downstairs fairly soon after to watch a little TV and read. Dan stayed upstairs. Maybe we will sleep a little later tomorrow.


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