22 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Slept really well last night, although I was a little warm – had too many covers on I think. Anyway, we just lounged around and had breakfast. Then about 1000 Cinda and Kellar and Cooper went to the swimming pool (we dropped them off) and we went to find a post office to mail a package of yarn to Cricket and then on to find a place to get my haircut. Dan was also looking for an ATM. I found a place and went in and she said she could do it in about ten minutes. Well, after more than 20 minutes of waiting, when Dan came back from going to the ATM and getting something to drink, there was no haircut in sight. So I just said never mind and we left. So, I decided I would just wait until I get home and can go to my regular place – 5 more days won’t matter at this point. About 100 we decided to go to Downers Delight for lunch and went to the pool to pick up Cinda and the kids. Kids weren’t ready to go so Shelly said she would watch them so Cinda could go. So, Dan and Cinda and I went and had a very nice leisurely lunch. It was good to have quiet time to talk and catch up. Cinda doesn’t get too many chances to have face time with her dad. We got back to the house and Dan and Cinda went to get some groceries, picking up stuff for dinner and the next few days. I stayed home and held down the fort again. We had dinner around 600 – rotisserie chicken, scalloped potatoes and corn on the cob. Later we had some peanut butter cup frozen pie (I also today ordered my diet drops in anticipation of my drastic change in carbohydrate consumption – I am letting my body have fair warning that the good times are just about over for a while) After dinner we went around the table and told the best part of our day – mine was the lunch at Downers Delight. It is a local restaurant that all the Lesters who live here really like a lot. It is very homey, good food, good Greek food, good breakfasts, good anything. Anyway, after dinner Cooper went to his friends house to spend the night and we watched a baseball game. I am going to crawl in bed with my book and Dan is still upstairs. Busy day tomorrow.


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