23 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today was a very busy day. Kellar had a swim meet at 800 and had to be there at 700. Henri took Kellar early and Dan and Cinda went in time for the meet. I stayed home. Everyone, including Cooper, was back home by 1000 and some late breakfasts were consumed. Andy and Quinn met Cinda, Kellar, Taylor and me at the bridal shop to try on dresses for Aunt Susanna’s wedding. Taylor spent the afternoon with us as her mom had to cover 5 baseball games that Taylor’s brothers were in. It turned out that the dress Cinda had ordered for Kellar didn’t fit – and they didn’t have one in the needed size to try on – also was the size that Quinn needed. So they called around and found that the store in Naperville had the right size in the right color even, so we piled into our cars and took a 30 minute “road trip” out there (after updating Dan and Henri and Cooper who were waiting at home to meet us at Downers Delight again for lunch). The trip was successful and both girls fit into the dress. Cinda was able to exchange the one she had already bought and Andy got the information he needs to order Quinn’s dress from a store near his home. And photos were sent to and approved by Aunt Susanna. Everyone was very happy – and very hungry. We got to the restaurant about 145 and everyone had a great lunch. I had a gyros sandwich and baklava to go. Kellar had a softball game at 400, which gave us just enough time to run home so she could change and we could all get to the game. I told Cinda she had turned into the ultimate “soccer mom”. She quoted an old Uncle Phil phrase about soccer – “We don’t play that commie ball”. We all laughed. I got my first sight of Shane, Shelly’s new husband, as he is one of the coaches of the team. I didn’t actually meet him yet, but everyone raves about him. Anyway, it was fun to watch the 6-7 year old girls in their adorable red uniforms with tie-dye socks and 12/12 Architects on the back (Cinda’s company). The weather wasn’t bad – partly cloudy and in the 80s. They don’t really keep score, but Kellar’s team clearly won big. Shane took everyone to DQ afterwards, but I had them drop me off on the way for ice cream. Later we gave the kids the little gifts that we brought for them. The big balloons from Mumbai were a great hit and created some interesting moments. I blew one up and it popped and scared even the dog. And cooper filled one with water in the bathroom sink that resulted in a mini-flood when it burst. I am pooped! Great day though. I am watching a Sox game downstairs where it is quiet. I don’t think I’m going anywhere tomorrow.


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