24 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Slept well last night. Quinn slept over, so morning brought the three kids playing nicely in the playroom. Always fun to hear children playing together. Cinda made waffles and Henri made pancakes for those who wanted them. I haven’t had homemade waffles for ages. After breakfast, everyone but me took off to spend some time downtown in Downers Grove at the annual Grovefest, a local street fair with rides and entertainment and lots of fair food with some interesting additions – like tempura vegetables that Dan and Cinda had. I enjoyed the quiet time. The girls rode the Tilt-A-Whirl and Kellar and Uncle Andy rode some ride that spun people around standing up – not sure what its called. Kellar loved it – as grandpa had predicted. They all came home about 3, grabbed a little snack, threw 4 racks of ribs into the oven and then Cinda, Henri and the kids headed for the pool for a couple hours, leaving Dan and me and Uncle Andy to watch over and sauce the ribs in the oven (well, just me, actually). It was pretty hot (90s) and humid today and Dan was pooped after the trip downtown to the street fair. The three of us stayed in under the AC and watched the NASCAR road race at Sonoma. Everyone got back just before six and dinner preparations kicked into high gear. Cinda and Henri got potatoes cooking and made salads. Quinn showed Grandpa and Kellar the pictures she took during a trip to Michigan with her other Grandma Lester. The kids were so hungry at dinner that they greedily shoveled in bowls of salad. Although none wanted ribs, Kellar decided to try them and loved them. Of course the adults loved them too. They really turned out well. It was a great and fun family dinner – wonderful to have everybody together. We told the “best part of my day” stories from each of us and talked about the street fair rides. All too soon Andy told Quinn they really had to get going. Henri quickly whipped up a promised milkshake for dessert, pictures were taken, and good byes were said and they were off. It helped knowing we will be seeing them again in two months at the wedding. Cinda, Henri, Cooper, and Kellar stayed outside catching fireflies. Dan and I came inside. My day was fairly relaxing, but I think Dan is pretty beat. We have had a great visit with everyone here, but we are getting anxious to get home.


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