25 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

Last full day in Chicagoland. I am really getting anxious to get home. Slept in a little, then went to get some coffee and toast for Dan so he could take his pills. After a while, we went upstairs and visited with Cinda and the kids until time for them to go to the pool for diving lesson and swim lessons. Dan went too and he and Cinda made a trip to the post office and then to the cemetery where Gary is. I held down the fort and did one load of laundry – we will arrive home with clean clothes! I also spent an hour or so somewhat organizing our stuff and repacking a little. Since we have not acquired anything here – actually got rid of some items – we shouldn’t have any problem tomorrow. Everyone got back just before noon. We were eating lunch of assorted leftovers when the tree removal guys arrived to pull out and cut down some ash trees in their backyard that were dying from some sort of bugs and pull out other evil thorn bushes. It turned into a bigger deal than they thought – and before Cinda knew about it she had missed the time for Kellar’s swim practice. Oh well. The kids were kept occupied for a couple of hours watching the process in the yard – including a lot of chainsaw activity. We just spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and watching some Olympic trials on TV. About 630 Henri finally got home and we went to Shelly and Shane’s for dinner. It was my first opportunity to meet Shelly’s new husband and stepson Connor. Shelly had had the kitchen totally remodeled since we were there and it turned out great. We really like Shane a lot and his son was very polite and pleasant. I spent the evening with Connor’s shih tzu, Maddie, on my lap. I threatened to steal her as I miss my dogs so much. I think Shelly would have been fine with that – she is not a dog person. Anyway, dinner was awesome. Shane had grilled salmon, tilapia, and big hamburgers. There was also creamed corn, roasted new potatoes, and a huge fresh fruit salad. Only negative was the weather – it turned cold and windy. We spent the last hour or so inside. We got back to Cinda’s about ten and I am going to do a couple of last minute things and then to bed. We leave for O’Hare at 900 in the morning.


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