26 June 2012, Gail’s trip log

We are home, safe and sound, with our puppies and all our luggage. It was a very long day. We got to O’Hare just before 10 – flight at noon. First hiccup – two of our bags were overweight, so we had to open them on the sidewalk and rearrange stuff. We ended up checking four bags instead of three – total charges of $120 – but not too bad actually, as they were super cheap tickets ($200 each). We got our boarding passes after redoing our seating (they’d changed it due to changing from a 757 to a 739, smaller aircraft) and got through security with Dan getting the fun of a total pat down. We stopped at Starbucks for a latte and muffin – then on to our gate – a little over an hour to board. Soon – our second hiccup – flight was delayed an hour and ten minutes. Hmm, glad we had over 2 hours between flights in LA. By the time we actually took off we were running nearly 1 ½ hours late. Dan and I had aisle seats – but 10 rows apart. The pilot really hauled ass and made up some time in the air and we touched down in LA just an hour late. This was fine for us, but some people really had to hustle to make their connections. We only had to go to the new “pod” (which isn’t really a pod like the old ones) for our little SkyWest plane to St. George. We had eaten a lunch on the plane that we bought while we were waiting – very tasty but pretty pricey. Dan had also bought us a couple of snack boxes on the plane – we never even opened them – will give us something to eat in the morning. We touched down in St. George at 715, exactly on time. It was so good to be back in Utah. Didn’t even mind that it was still over 90 degrees. Will be over 100 for every day for the next week at least – no problem. Kim brought our adorable puppies when she picked us up. I was so glad to see them. They have slimmed down and look fantastic. They were all over me all the way home. Kim offered to take us through Wendy’s so we could get some dinner – we got her a salad and she gave the chicken off of it to the dogs – she’s a vegetarian. Kim stayed about an hour to catch us up on some stuff. We will touch bases again in a week or so to take care of details. The house looks fantastic – Dan said later we should hire Kim as a housekeeper! Anyway – bags still in the garage – we will deal with them tomorrow. Watching some local news to unwind and see what is happening. Fantastic, once in a lifetime trip around the world. Glad we went – even gladder to be home. Will be so good to sleep in our own bed.


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