Huh? NaBloPoMo?  What in the world is that? It is National Blog Posting Month, of course. Every year a site called BlogHer sponsors it is a challenge to those of us who post infrequently (and my last post on this blog before yesterday was 7 months earlier). I tend to “blog” on my Facebook page, but those aren’t really “findable” once a few days have passed, so I’m going to try to post more “significant” things on this blog, which is linked to Facebook. I know a number of things that I’ll post will be from “Dan Lester’s Family History”.  This will be my way of sharing memories with my sisters, children, cousins, grandchildren, and others. I’m sure that they, and some other readers, will have heard some of the stories before, but at least they’re recorded for whoever cares. Since I have many more then 30 stories of family history, maybe I’ll just keep it going. I’m not good at being scheduled and regular, but I’ll try.

Is that enough warnings and caveats?  You’ve been warned.





One thought on “NaBloPoMo

  1. I love the idea! What a great tribute to your family history and an enduring memoir to your children.

    Best wishes for NaBloPoMo and with your writing down your family history.

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