Being Nice Can Be So Hard Sometimes

I was brought up to always be honest and truthful, but also to follow the old adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.  Those two are often so difficult to balance and control.

Tonight I struggled to remain polite in a bridge class I was taking. The teacher, who is excellent, was going over some material on how to play your hand on offense when a class member said “why are we going over all of this, everybody knows it, can’t we go on to harder things?”  When the teacher pointed out that it might not be review for everybody, the offender tried to weasel out of it by saying “maybe it isn’t review for ‘Susie’ (who was sitting at her table)”. There were other students who were even less knowledgable than ‘Susie’ who were struggling just to keep up with the rapid-fire instruction. The offender kept the bit between her teeth and wouldn’t let it go until several of us said “this is all fine, review never hurt anybody” and things like that.

I’m well aware that the offender is a retired teacher and school administrator with a doctoral degree, as is anyone who knows her. I’d hope that with that background and experience she’d know better than to interrupt and criticize the instructor, much less insult others in the class who have less knowledge and experience than she does.

I’ll admit to some bias on this one, since she’s one of several women I deal with regularly who try to act like they’re 18 instead of 68. They wear “cute clothes” and are always all over the men with hugs and kisses and lovey-dovey stuff, just like they were 50 years earlier.  A few days ago I ran across the image below and knew there would be a time I needed it, so I saved it. And it is doubly perfect for me since it is on the back of an old library checkout card.



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