Early Happy Thanksgiving

I’m always thankful for the blessings I’ve received in this life, and today is no different.

This last year has been a rugged one for Gail and me.  Just about a year ago we started the trip to getting her back bolted back together. She had the bottom three vertebrae of her back bolted together in 1999, knowing that another surgery would probably be needed ten years later.  After 13 years the time had come for more surgery. During the scans of her back the doctor noted there was a problem with her uterus, something she’d not thought about for years. A few weeks later she had a complete hysterectomy, since her uterus was pre-cancerous. That was quick and easy with no complications. Ultimately she had her surgery to fasten the bottom six vertebrae in her spine together with titanium bolts, bars, and braces in late June.  After two weeks in the hospital and a rehab facility she came home with her “turtle shell” brace surrounding her from groin to neck, to be worn at all times she wasn’t lying down flat.

No sooner than Gail had, while still recovering and wearing her “turtle shell” (also known as her “Madonna bra”, as it was worn over a tshirt), been given permission to drive than I had some pains in my heart. Within three weeks I was having a quadruple bypass on my heart. I blogged separately about that experience at Dan’s Heart Journey and since I’m back to normal, I’m not likely to be posting much more there.  I still go to cardiac rehab a couple times a week for a while more, but expect that to end well before Christmas.  It consists of really basic things like walking on a treadmill and doing some light weight lifting, and they say all is fine.

At ages 70 and 71 we’re blessed to be on this side of the grass, have much better health than many our age, and to have a comfortable retirement with the ability to help others as well. We’re also blessed to have wonderful children and grandchildren who are all doing well in their professions and in school. We thank God every day for these blessings.

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all.



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