Since the quadruple bypass on my heart in August, I’ve been getting back to being more active with my cardiac rehab that is required, and will soon be back to regular trips to our SunRiver gym or pool, as well as walking outside when the weather is decent.

I posted about my thoughts on half marathons on my other blog, Dan’s Journey Through Heart Bypass Surgery, and have taken the liberty of copying much of it here as a part of family history.

I did six half marathons in 2007 and 2008 when I lived in Idaho. I needed to do more walking and a bit of jogging and joined a group called Boise Run Walk.  They offered training for events or just for generally improving health. I got into it pretty quickly and really trained. The first event I did was The Race to Robie Creek, which is known as the toughest race in the Northwest.  And it is.  But I did it in under 4 hours, including the 2050 climb and 1730 foot descent to the finish. The summit is just under a mile high. It is indeed brutal, but I did it.  I was probably in the last ten percent to finish, but at age 64 I felt pretty darn good about it.

Later in 07 and in 08 I did five more events, including Robie again in 08, a few minutes faster. As for training, you spend a lot of time running and walking.  If you’re not willing to commit ten or more hours a week to it, forget it. Also, for something like Robie, you have to spend a great deal of time going up and down, and most of my training was on the Robie course itself. I think I could still recreate it all from memory. I dream of doing it again, but we’ll just have to see.

I have thought about doing more half marathons, but first I need to lose some weight and get back into better shape. Right now I’m about 30 pounds heavier than I was in 07-08 and that is a big difference. But now as I finish my regime of Cardiac Rehabilitation, I plan to work out more in the gym here in SunRiver, and to spend time outside walking, and maybe ultimately jogging.  I do have a couple of physical issues to deal with (NOT cardiac related), and will be working on them, too.  If all goes well, there could be a half marathon in my future.  If it happens, great; if not, that’s OK too.

For a half marathon, my goal has always been to finish. One time I was last, but that was only because a friend and I got lost on a poorly marked network of dirt trails in the mountains.  And if we hadn’t been lost, it still would have been all right. Because I finished.


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