Gail and I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Here are a few thoughts.

Gail had her spinal fusion surgery and has successfully recovered.  She’s mobile and out of continual pain. The eight hour surgery was scary for both of us, but all is well now.

I knew what to do when I had chest pains and, with particular thanks to a good friend, I had surgery (quadruple artery bypass on my heart) within three weeks. Since then I’ve recovered well and am back to normal.

We’re thankful that we’re currently in Pleasanton, California, about to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Gail’s niece and nephew and other extended family. We’re sad that we’re here instead of home in St. George because of Gail’s sister Karen passing away this past Sunday, but are thankful that she didn’t suffer long and passed easily to the next life. Gail is particularly thankful that she was able to spend a week with Karen just before she went into the hospital, and they enjoyed wonderful times together.

We’re thankful for all the rest of our family all over the country and glad that they are well and happy, and particularly that Cinda Lester is recovering from her night in the ER with pleurisy.

We’re thankful that we’ll be able to leave tomorrow to take two days to drive back to St. George to see our dogs and fish and get back to all of our normal holiday activities at home and in our wonderful church.

We’re thankful for all of our other friends and pray that all who may read this will have a healthy and happy holiday.

Love to all




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