Christmas in the Desert

So what is happening in St. George, Utah this Christmas season? Well, with Dan and Gail Christmas started last Friday with the installation of an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water system to give us pure drinking water, and pure water for the fishies. We had church on Sunday, of course. On Monday the new whole house water softener system was installed. The RO system is a separate faucet in the kitchen that also goes to the refrigerator for chilled water and ice cubes. Also on Monday Gail got her Christmas present of three Yellow Tangs, her favorite fish. They’re happily swimming around with all their friends, including the clowns (like Nemo) and the Blue Tang (like Dory). Pictures on Facebook if you’ve not already seen them.

Tuesday we played bridge and watched the Boise State Broncos lose the football game in Hawai’i to the Evil Beavers. Just too many distractions (and fumbles) for the team. But first time since 98 they’ve had five losses, and we trust the last time for another 15 years. We also went to the Christmas Eve Service at Grace Episcopal Church, St. George, UT, which was of course packed with people we’ve never seen before. 🙂 But at least they came. This morning we’ve been watching recorded programs of Music and the Spoken Word, a weekly program produced by the Mormon Church. We have a whole collection of their Christmas programs on the DVR to give us beautiful music and will watch more later.

We just had a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs and bacon, with toast and jam and coffee. Now we’re watching another classic costume drama from 1959, the era of Biblical epics, the film of Lloyd C. Douglas’s The Big Fisherman. It has tons of other historical costume drama wrapped around the story of Simon Peter, the first Disciple. The quality of the print that TCM ran isn’t great, and the audio is scratchy and weak, but it is still interesting to watch. Much of the historical accuracy is dubious, of course.

Later, mixed with more of the music programs, we’ll watch A Christmas Story, as we do every year, and perhaps some other classics like Its a Wonderful Life. The centerpiece of the evening will be the Boise State — Iowa State basketball game, the championship game of the Hawai’i Classic Tournament from Honolulu. In between we’ll watch the fish swim around and Gail will cook the Standing Rib Roast, which will be served with baked potatoes and asparagus.  The dogs are already anticipating having a giant rib bone each.

This Christmas we’re both so blessed and thankful that we’re again healthy after Gail’s back surgery and my heart surgery.

We wish the happiest Christmas ever to all who may read this.

Dan and Gail