A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, 23 August 2013,


this is what I looked like at about 500AM at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George.  A few of the following pictures might be considered “icky” by some, but they’re all beautiful and wonderful to me.

About 12 hours later, this is how I looked.  My heart had been stopped, repaired with four coronary bypasses, and rebooted by wonderful surgeons.


I was still napping, so I don’t remember this being taken.

But a few hours later I was awake and talking, and I do remember all of the equipment in the ICU that I was hooked up to.





By the next morning, the 24th, I was having a yummy breakfast, since I’d had no food the day before.  Although contrary to “the usual wisdom”, the doc said I should order whatever I wanted so I could build my strength, so I did.


It was a yummy double cheese omelet with bacon, that I’d already eaten in this shot.

Later in the day I walked with a “walker” about 100 yards to my room for the next several days.


The wheelchair had portable versions of all of the heart and other monitors

Three days later I was up and moving around, free of monitors, catheter, etc., getting ready to go to the Coral Desert Rehabilitation facility a couple blocks away.


This was my view from my hospital room window before leaving, out over St. George, with the white spire of the LDS Temple in the distance.


We love the peace and quiet of the city of St. George, where we have world class medical facilities.  This is one of the Top 50 Cardiac hospitals in the country, and one of the 15 on that list that are not Teaching Hospitals.

The next day I was working out at Coral Desert, where I stayed for 7 days with lots of walking the halls and daily workouts as well.


Soon I was home.  I slept in the recliner for a couple of weeks before moving to a regular bed, partly to sleep better and partly to make it easier to get up.

Now a year later I’m fully recovered and living a happy normal life.

Life is great and I’m thankful for all of my blessings.  If anyone has questions, ask away.


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