Time for Changes

Yesterday was the day that most in the USA changed their clocks back an hour and “regained the hour they lost in the spring”. We happen to love daylight time and wish we had it all year round. But I’ll avoid any discussion on the pros and cons of DST since it is pretty common all over the world and my opinions don’t matter anyway. Certainly not an issue I’d get in a fight about, but there aren’t really any of those anyway. I don’t fight about politics, religion, or other contentious topics, being basically a live and let live kind of guy. In Utah there isn’t even any real point in voting in partisan political elections. But I’m not going to fight about the importance of voting, either.  So I won’t.

We’ve had early seasonal weather changes as well. On Friday our high was 82, Saturday and Sunday were stormy, with squalls, rain, sun, snow in the mountains and a high in the low 50s. Tonight we’ll be in the 30s, with more snow in the mountains. Of course there has been rough weather all over the country and we’re hardly alone, so I can’t complain too much. We’re just spoiled with our beautiful high desert weather that is almost always beautiful and sunny, like it is today, though chilly.

Gail and I are also working on making time for other changes. We’re focusing on our eating with a goal of getting healthier and losing some weight. We’ve both been up and down in our lives, both in weight and in emotions. We both weigh about the same and it seems our bodies have this weight as a natural “set point”.  If we get above our current weights, it isn’t too hard to get back to them.  But getting below is a challenge, and keeping below them is really hard. We both know that we’ll never be at “normal weights” as determined by the antiquated and inadequate BMI scale.  And that is OK.  However, we know that any weight we lose will be a good thing.

Last year was tough with major surgeries for both of us, but we’re recovered mentally and physically. Fortunately our emotions and health are stable now, we have a happy home, happy dogs, and happy fish. So that just means we need to focus on eating the right things in the right quantities and getting more exercise.  And all of us know how easy that is, since we all know how easy it is to lose weight and maintain it perfectly. Right? But we’ll give it a go and we’ll succeed this time.

The seasons are changing, the time is changing, and we’re changing.  (Queue Bob Dylan)




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