Around the World 2016, Day (-54)

As many already know, we’re taking a cruise on the Oceania Insignia beginning on January 4, for 180 days, ending on July 1.  We will start and finish in Miami, Florida. The day above, -54, is the number of days until we leave St. George on New Years morning at 320 AM.  We will take a shuttle van to Las Vegas McCarran Airport, wait a few hours there for a Southwest flight to Ft. Lauderdale, and stay in Ft. Lauderdale for two nights before going to Miami for the night before the cruise.

We will be posting reports, hopefully daily, on this blog and on our linked photo site at  All should be linked back to this Facebook page.

As of now all of our travel arrangements have been made and most activities on the cruise planned.  Over the next 53 days I’ll report on other things we’re doing to get ready, and of course report on the trip itself when the time comes.

Today we skipped church so that we could have Kim, our house sitter, pet sitter and travel agent, and Mike, our salt water fish guru, get together for Kim to learn more about the fish maintenance routines.  She already knows everything about our crazy little dogs, Dolly and Bobo.  Kim will feed the fish, add water to the tank, and have Mike do major maintenance monthly.  He will be on call in case she has any problems. We also changed the plans for getting to Ft. Lauderdale and that is finally set.

There is always plenty to do in getting ready for being away from home for over six months.


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