Around the World 2016, Day (-53)

One of the things we’re commonly asked is “Are you rich?  It must cost a fortune to do this.  Can I ask how much?”   Since Gail and I are totally open in all aspects of our lives, our answer is easy: “All in, about $170,000, including balcony cabin, visas, shore excursions, land tours, airfare, travel insurance, house sitter, and so forth”  That then leads to “wow, that proves you’re rich” and then I explain that we’ve been saving for a long time, and do that by living in a small house, having no debts but a mortgage, having an efficient paid-for car, are almost always at home, don’t drink, smoke, or gamble, eat out, or go to movies.  We also don’t have a second car, second home, boat, or other toys.  No argument with those who do have those things, we just all make our own decisions on how to spend our money.  We’ve also never felt any obligation to leave an inheritance to our children, other than one of love and good training.

Our travel agent (who is also our house and pet sitter) reminded us that we could save $40,000 by booking an inside cabin.  We reminded her that we value the extra room, and most of all the balcony to watch the waves and the arrivals and departures from ports while having a coffee or tea.  Again, for those who choose to save with an inside cabin, or to enjoy a suite, that’s fine too. Their money, their choice.

I’ve always appreciated this quote from the song Aurora Borealis, by C. W. McCall:

“Life is simply a collection of memories, but memories are like star light… They live on Forever.

So we choose to make memories, and record in words or photos some of them for anyone who might care to share them.


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