Around the World 2016, Day (-52)

Another set of questions we’re often asked regarding the trip is whether we’re afraid of violence, pirates, or strange critters in various places.  The easy answer is no, never.  We’re educated on our surroundings and exercise reasonable caution everywhere we go. On a previous cruise on an identical vessel we spent ten days in pirate waters in the Arabian Gulf and off of East Africa. We had pirate drills but knew that the chance of anything happening was remote. It didn’t.

We also learned to be careful when snorkeling, wearing our lycra suits to keep from getting stung by jellies on the Great Barrier Reef.  I did get stung by another jelly on Aitutaki, where they supposedly weren’t around, but suffered no long term damage. We’ve also been careful in the areas where saltwater crocodiles are a risk, and will be in all other such potentially dangerous environments. One friend regularly asks how deep the water is in various places, and I simply say “deep enough for the ship” and have no fears about running aground.  Again, we know from previous experience that if there are typhoons or other dangerous weather that we’ll skip a port, go somewhere else, or just stay in a previous port.

Overall, we know we’re 73 years old and won’t be on this earth forever, and plan to have as many experiences and memories as we can.  That’s why we are traveling now while we’re still healthy enough and able to stretch our budget enough to do it. If the pirates or sharks or crocodiles get us before old age does, so be it. But we’re sure not worrying about it.


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