Around the World 2016, Day (-51)

Holidays are special, and I’ve been asked about their observance on a cruise, so this holiday, Veterans Day in the USA (Remembrance Day in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and many other countries) seems like a good time to comment on it.

We’ve been on cruises on Thanksgiving (American), Christmas, New Years, Easter, and other holidays, plus assorted Jewish and Muslim holidays.  In general, the ships observe the “American” holidays and observe the religious holidays of the three major faiths (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) to the extent possible. Many cruises have a priest or pastor on board, at least for Christmas and Easter. This is most frequently a Roman Catholic priest, who also offers non denominational Christian services.  Cruises that operate from Australia and other countries tend to observe their own holidays (ANZAC Day, for example).

I’m sure the specialty restaurants will be crowded on holidays, including Valentine’s Day.  Many people choose to go to a specialty restaurant (extra charge on most cruise lines, but not on Oceania) for a birthday or anniversary.  Gail is already planning for my birthday in a couple months.   We will also celebrate our Wedding Anniversary on board, even though it isn’t until August.  They don’t know when it is, so it will be when we choose to celebrate it.  One of the reasons for this cruise is to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on 8/17/16, shortly after we return home.

Whether you’re celebrating any special days or not, you can be sure that you’ll find plenty to keep you fed and entertained on a cruise.


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