Around the world 2016, Day (-41)

This has been a busy week getting ready, mostly with medical things.  We are both healthy and happy, but since there are, at our ages, always things to check out, we did so. I had my semi-annual visit to my cardiologist and he was happy with my EKG and all my other numbers as well.  He had no worries about me taking this trip.  I also got checked by my stomach doctor and my dermatologist, who of course reminded me to eat healthily and to avoid too much sun, respectively. Yesterday Gail and I both got shots, her in her bad knee and me in my thumb and two fingers. Mine are “trigger fingers”, even though the index fingers are fine.  When I asked why in the world I would need the shots in my middle fingers he joked “maybe you’re using them too much”.  We’ve also been to the dentist, as though the ship has good medical personnel and facilities, they don’t have dental services other than giving you a pain pill until you get to a port where you can find a dentist to get your problem fixed.  At least all of our medical checkups and treatments are completed at last.

We also finally completed all the work we can do on our taxes for 2015 before we leave.  We’ll be gone when all the final numbers come in and won’t be back for Tax Day in April, so have prepared estimated taxes and an extension form so Kim can mail them in in April.  Utah is the only state I’ve lived in that doesn’t require estimated taxes to be submitted for investment or other income that doesn’t have taxes automatically withheld. So there will be a check for estimated taxes with the extension forms for the state.  We’re always happy to not have to send money to the state every quarter like we do to the IRS.

We also spent a lot of time yesterday making our reservations for dinners at the premium restaurants on board the Insignia. One is Italian and one is a steak house.  Unlike most cruise lines, there is no surcharge for dining at these venues (as opposed to the main dining room or the buffet, which are also excellent), but there is a quota on how many you can reserve. We booked all 14 of our allotted dinners at each as soon as we were allowed to do so. I know I’ll be having steak or prime rib on my birthday in the South Atlantic, off the coast of Angola.

During the next week our main preparation activities will be avoiding stores, having a simple holiday meal at home, and doing some volunteer work at the Jubilee of Trees, at the Veterans Home, and at church. We’ll also continue sorting through clothes and getting ready to send off four large suitcases to the ship several weeks ahead of our departure.  We think we’re over all of the big humps and relaxing a bit more.


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