Around the world 2016, Day (-17)

This is the first post in a week, and it has been relaxing but productive.  All of the “big stuff” has been done for a couple weeks and I’m completing my bronchitis antibiotics today, so we’re “over the hump”.  Four large bags (50 lbs each) are being picked up a week from today, and three are already packed and weighed and waiting in the garage.  Besides those four bags we’ll check one more large bag and take our carry on bags.  Kim has spent more time with us this week bringing us papers and gifts from the cruise line and her office, as well as catching up more on the house and fish. At the moment I’m waiting for a plumber to come fix the hot water in the bathtub.  We never use the tub, but Kim does, so it needs to have hot water.

Still to come: packing the last bags, ordering a six month supply of prescription meds, one doctor follow up appointment, having the dogs groomed, haircuts for humans, and odd things around the house. The cleaning lady will come a couple days before we leave, so all will be beautiful for Kim.  We’re also eating up all the food in the fridge and freezer. Kim is a vegetarian, so we’re being sure to eat up all of the fish and meat.

The freezer is full of frozen fish food for six months and one pantry contains many boxes of nori for the fish, and three 1.75 liter jugs of vodka for the fish (they get a tablespoon a day to help balance 180 gallons of water chemistry).  Another pantry contains more than enough kibble for the dogs, which Kim supplements with chicken and pumpkin and veggies.

The last few days we’ll probably eat out or bring home takeout.


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