Around the World 2016, Day (-4)

All is becoming ever more real as the countdown continues.  This is Monday and we leave home at 320AM on Friday.  Still have one doctor followup, dogs getting groomed, a free recall maintenance on the car, house cleaner, final briefing with Kim, our house sitter, last minute laundry, and throwing last things in carry on bags.  The four bags we shipped already should be in Florida today.  At least that’s all that is on the list as of now.  I’m sure some other last minute things will come up.

We plan to doze in our chair/recliner while we watch the New Years Eve playoff games and whatever comes on next, most likely the interminable discussion of the game that will follow in a few days for the national championship.  The dogs will be very confused by all of this, but will be happy when Kim shows up to move in later in the day.  They really love that she sits on the floor to play with them, as well as taking longer walks with them than we do. If the ship sinks or terrorists get us (and we have NO worries about either one, though some neighbors and friends do) the church and the kids get everything.  Well, they don’t get the dogs, Kim gets them.

Today is, for me, taken up with final sorting, charging, and packing of electronic equipment.  The final things on that project will be done about 200 AM on Friday. That isn’t because of procrastination but because of staying online most of New Years Eve.

Soon we’ll be where it is warmer, and may within a couple weeks be complaining about the heat in Brazil.  I can hardly wait.


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