Around the World 2016, Day (-1)

This is it.  Bags are packed.  Kim was over for three hours doing final review of things to do as well as just to visit.  Boarding passes for tomorrow’s flight have printed and our transport from home to shuttle to Vegas has been reconfirmed.  We’ve watched some football and are watching more as I type this evening.

We were shocked to see the fire in Dubai at the property that we walked through on our way to the Burj Khalifa for the trip up the world’s tallest building back in 2012 on a previous cruise.  We did stay to see their fireworks, which were more impressive than any others I’ve seen.

Now that it is after 8 PM we’ll watch some more TV and doze in our chairs until the taxi comes at 320.  More tomorrow if I’m awake enough when arrive in Florida, otherwise the following day.


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