Around the World 2016, Day 2

January 2, 2016

After sleeping 13 hours, we woke up feeling pretty recovered from yesterday’s adventures.  We realized that there was no coffeemaker in the room.  Dan said that it was a sign we are in a high end hotel!  That and the fact that you have to ring room service to get ice.  We did without ice, but Dan’s first task, after a hot shower, was to go in search of coffee and food.   He discovered that there is a coffee place on the ground floor, and it is free.  But they were happy to sell him a couple of chocolate croissants and give him a carrier to bring four cups back to the room.

So we sat on our balcony and watched the swimmers in the water, and had breakfast and took our pills. This reminds me a lot of all the years of spending time in Maui.  The weather today was perfect, in the low 80s, a few clouds and not a terrible amount of humidity.

Then I spent some time getting things a bit more organized than where we had dumped stuff last night.  Discovered that TSA had opened and inspected our checked bag.  They leave you a nice little note when they do that.  I think it was because of the metal insulated coffee mug that I threw in at the last minute.  I guess it could have looked like something evil on their monitors.   😀

Dan tried to catch up on some email and Facebook, but our connection here is very slow, so it got frustrating.  I said I wasn’t going to spend my day staring at this screen.

I checked out some of the amenities in the room.  There is a tray of snacks and stuff by the TV, and everything is $8.  Normally,  I would pass at that price, but there is a cute glass jar in the form of a teddy bear, about 8″ tall, full of gummy bears. I set it over on my nightstand.  The jar will make a nice souvenir (that’s what I am telling myself).  There was another interesting item there too, an “Intimacy kit” that looked like a tin of mints.  It described the contents, two condoms and a package of lube, and Dan said, “well, I guess some people don’t think ahead and come prepared”. We had to laugh at that.

About 12:30, we ate the leftovers of our sub sandwiches from yesterday that I had stuck in the little fridge.  Then we put our suits on and went down to the pool ten floors down.  We were pleasantly surprised. DSCN0867 (1).jpg   It is a very large outdoor pool, with very nice amenities, a bar, nice towels, pool boys and cabanas and massages available if you wanted.  The weather and water were just perfect.  There weren’t many people in the pool, so we swam and looked out over the ocean.  There was jazzy music playing. So I did some water aerobic moves and it felt great after sitting around all day yesterday.

We came back to the room, I showered and we got dressed and about 3:30 we headed out to explore the beachfront and find an early supper.  We walked about 3 blocks and went into a place called the Casablanca Cafe, and got a table outside with a spectacular view of the water.  DSCN0890 (1).jpgWhen we got back to the room, we read the reviews online that agreed with our very positive assessment of this place.  I had fish tacos and Dan had a Moroccan meat skewer dish.  Prices were reasonable, since we got lunch prices, and the food was fantastic.  We just took our time, took some pictures, and people watched.  In the hour or so we were sitting there, we also watched four big cruise ship sail out of Ft. Lauderdale.  We couldn’t see which cruise lines they were, but they were all big ships and we commented on how crazy it would be with four ships going out all at once. Hope we don’t have that on Monday in Miami.

After we ate, we walked along some more and had some Hagan Dasz ice cream for dessert.  Dan picked up a few large bottles of water at a CVS store. We just don’t want to pay $7 a bottle at the hotel, and Dan won’t drink tap water if he doesn’t have to.  We both drank  three big glasses with dinner.  The waiter probably thought we were crazy.   For me, it was partly due to eating a piece of jalapeño in one of my tacos.  I missed it when I took the others off.

As we walked back to the hotel, it was beginning to get dark and there was a fire truck and paramedic truck on the street by the beach.  We hope it wasn’t anything serious for the person they took away. DSCN0900 (1).jpg

We are back in the room, watching a Robert Redford, Brad Pitt spy movie.  Dan is doing something with my camera.  I think he is loading and editing all the shots I took today.  Hope I got some good ones.  A while ago we talked to our house sitter, and all it well at home.  She took the dogs for a long walk this afternoon.   I know they loved that.

Well, tomorrow we move from here to the hotel in Miami, paid for by Oceania, where we will meet up with some of the folks we have gotten to know on the Cruise Critic discussion board.  The adventure is getting very close.  I can hardly wait to get on that ship.  We will be at sea in under 48 hours.


2 thoughts on “Around the World 2016, Day 2

  1. Hate to say it, but in case you didn’t look it up yourselves, there will be five ships leaving Miami on Monday, including Insignia … at least that’s what the port schedule shows.

  2. Is this the W Hotel? We are HHonors members and love spending time at their properties. This pool looks like a wonderful place to relax and people watch! I certainly hope nothing too serious happened to anyone requiring the emergency services. Be safe!

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