Around the World 2016, Day 3

It was good that we got a good sleep Friday night.  Last night was an adventure.  We went to bed early enough, and fell asleep.  But soon the phone rang.  It was a wrong number.  Just drifting off again, when we heard some loud banging noises.  Realized it was fireworks!  We did NOT get up and watch.  That lasted about 10/15 minutes.  Did not hear any the night before, but then maybe we were just so tired we slept through them.

Got back to sleep, finally.  Around 2:00 we were awakened by several people in the next room partying, talking very loud and banging things around.  At 2:30, Dan finally called security.  We heard them arguing with the security guy, but after a few minutes, things finally got quiet and stayed that way. Not usual in such a high end place, but was handled very quickly and efficiently by security. This morning on our way to get coffee, I noticed that THEY had the do not disturb sign on.  I threatened to bang on their door. Dan wouldn’t let me.  😀

We slept until about 9:00.  We had requested a late check-out for 2:00, so had plenty of time.  We got dressed and went down to where the coffee is free and bought some stuff to go with it and took advantage of their speedier wi-fi until some folks with several rug rats on plastic scooters sat next to us. The place was getting pretty busy, so time to leave.

Back in the room we decided to hit the pool again, so got on our suits and went down.  There were very few people there, since it was cooler and cloudier than yesterday.  But the water was still great and we enjoyed it for about an hour. Back in the room, we showered and put on our ‘meet and greet’ clothes and got all the stuff organized and rearranged and played on the wifi from the balcony.  DSCN0905 (1)

About 1:00 we called the bellman to pick up and hold our bags and we went down to the lobby bar to wait for the shuttle to pick us up at 2:00 to take us to Miami.  Dan ordered a curried chicken wrap to go while we were waiting and ate half of it, then finished it later.  I was still pretty full from breakfast.

Right on time, our private shuttle service showed up; in a black stretch limo!  Pretty nifty.  A free upgrade to start our trip.  The ride took about an hour and we chatted with a very friendly and knowledgeable driver.  We were very pleased all the way around.  We arrived at the Epic Hotel in Miami, where Oceania is paying for our room tonight.  DSCN0914  We arrived at 3:00 and it was a bit of a zoo.  It was confusing to the staff too, as while Gail was talking to the Oceania rep at a desk, I (Dan) went up to the room with a bellman and the luggage.  I opened the door and there was the lady who was checking in at the station next to me.  Needless to say we were both surprised.  No, she hadn’t undressed yet.  Went back down and sorted it out. Check-in time is 4:00, but they let us go ahead and check -in. We have a beautiful ocean-view room.   We saw an Oceania ship in the harbor, but realized it was one of the bigger ships, the Riviera, going out on a Caribbean cruise.  We watched it sail away at 6:00 tonight.  Our ship will have arrived when we get up in the morning. We are set to sail away at 5:00 tomorrow evening.

At 5:00, we went down to the bar to ‘meet and greet’ many of the people we had been chatting with and getting to know on the Internet over the past year.  It was fun to talk to them in person and of course everyone is very excited that our long awaited adventure is about to begin.  We chose not to join any of the dinner plans, but came back to the room and ordered room service.   I just finished an excellent chicken quesadilla.  Will soon eat the smallest key lime tart I have ever seen.  For $4.00 plus taxes and tip, it better be damned good!  DSCN0945(It turned out that it was terrible)  But since it is the last food I will have to pay for for six months, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Time to unwind with a little TV and try to get some sleep.  Weather is predicted to be rainy tomorrow, but that will not dampen our enthusiasm.  I can hardly wait to get through all the paperwork, get to the cabin with all nine of our bags and start getting settled in for this big adventure.


2 thoughts on “Around the World 2016, Day 3

  1. We stayed at the W a few years ago before embarking a cruise out of FLL. We really enjoyed it … and luckily for us, there were no partyers on whom we had to call security.

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