On the way to the South Pacific

Sunday noon, 10/23/16

We’re having a pleasant sea day, with very little rocking and rolling for the for the first time since boarding on Thursday afternoon.  The consistent action before today was due to the edges of the big storms pounding the Pacific northwest of the USA.  We’re being very careful, holding on to the railings all the time.

Basically, since boarding we’ve been eating, reading, watching some TV, and mostly sleeping, catching up from the three hectic days of Tues—Thurs.  Food of course is good, and we’re being careful about making wise choices.  The exercise is automatic, as from our cabin, far forward, to the places to eat, which are far aft, is over 200 yards/meters.  We’re over half way from San Pedro (LA) to Nawiliwili (Kaua’i, Hawai’i).  I’ve played online a bit on the iPad for quick checkins., but this is the first time I’ve had the Mac out to do anything more.

The ship has some 3000 passengers, much larger than we prefer, but all is nice except for things being crowded, producing lines at mealtimes.  Fortunately, we’re not hung up on eating at 12 or 6 or any other time, so we can work around it pretty well.  We do anytime dining instead one of the fixed times, so we meet new and different people at each meal, which is refreshing and interesting.

We have an excellent cabin steward who keeps everything neat and clean for us. For this long cruise (28 days) with mostly sea days (19), we decided to spend a bit more and get a mini-suite, about 50 percent larger than our usual balcony cabin.  It was a good choice.

We avoid discussing politics, but at dinner one night a nice lady from Ireland asked “are all of you Americans crazy?”   She went on to wonder how a much larger country than hers could end up with two such candidates.  We agreed.  She also wondered that we only had two political parties rather than several.  We agreed then too, since only two have a prayer of winning.  There were TEN candidates on the Utah ballot this year, but did agree that eight of them hadn’t a chance at all.  We then moved on to other subjects since we refuse to discuss the pros and cons of specific candidates.